Mega sales !!! 24 july - 16 sept..

SHOP till U drop .... its time for everyone to get urself participating in the month of Mega sales.. i not yet been to any shopping mall since the mega sales started.. so i dun know if there is really good deal waiting for me .. But im going for shopping tomorrow with my bestie :) RACHEL CHANG :)) Hope i can get something tomorrow .. hehe .. 

FRIENDly advice before heading to any shopping mall:

1. Make sure u got enough CASH , credit card, debit card.. wateva card.. dun forget any membership card (like i always do ) there is an extra discount for member , just in case..

2. do make a list is there anything u really NEED .. 

3. set a limit.. so that u wont over budget :)(  regret is not applicable soon after u check out )

4. Go for the NEED list, then after that only for anything catching ur eyes and heart

last but not least, ( crazy advice)

JUST HAVE FUN LA, BUY EVERYTHING !!!!!! dun ever think twice. THinKING process is before u step into the shopping mall... cz after u go home, maybe its already out of stock :) u might cry if u really want it after... 

GOOD luck ... and take care ur belongings while shopping.. 

PEACE .. XOXO.. enjoy ur Shopping spree