yeah !! i got some stuff from mega sales this week:))

Guess wat.. my bestie RACHEL chang, she come again ... she loves me ... took 3 hours train from KAMPAR toKL.. then 30min to come here sunway ...  
We went to sunway pyramid for an umbrella cz i walk to my campus every single day so i need it.
I gt my umbrella from esprit, and it is discounted for 20% cz its my birthday month ^^
And rachel got it same like mine too, cz she walk to sch as well. And hers also discounted. 
The umbrella is the last two, its auto open but u need to pull it down until u heard the click sound then it is close and lock :) its in black colour and it has the esprit logo in red colour , comes with a cover. The umbrella has the UV protection as well:) 

I bought some stuff from ETUDE HOUSE.. 
everything is affordable for student.. Not pricey at all and now there is discount up to 70%.
All tools are discount for 40%
everything include nail polish, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, lip gloss, skin care, powder and etc (cant remember everything) 20%
some eyeshadow, shadow empty palette, powder casing 50 %
so i got this lovely MIRROR - 70% off... good deal !! hehe !! 

need a mirror to put beside my big mirror:))
nail polish -20%

I buy lots of nail polish, but this three here, i tried it and im not really like it, cz its hard to apply. Its dry so quickly.
nail sticker and some bling 70%

eyeshadow brush 40%

cream eyeshadow- 20%

its a very shimmering colour.. love it :)and the texture very soft and its straightaway stick on the skin :)  

heating scrub- for removing blackheads 

use this before u cleanse ur face, apply to ur nose or any place that u want to remove the blackheads. Its in gel form, and got tiny black sand inside, and when u start to keep rubbing it on ur skin it produce heat, very warm, and its turn to black colour..  after 5 minutes, u just wash it with tap water. i try it and i love it, but then it does not 100% removed the blackheads straightaway but trying to use it twice a week and hopefully the result after several times.. :)

fake eyelashes- 50 %
Im not a fans of fake eyelashes, cz my lashes is long enough, but then its in a good deal so i just buy it, just in case i wanna make a drama look, or just wanna pop out my eyes:) this eyelashes is not really like fake when u use it, cz the lashes is a cross lashes so its more natural. Go for cross one if u dun wan to look too fake on ur eyelashes.
HAir curler -40%

i buy this just for my bangs , it can clip my hair , and i can use it while im sleeping :))it in pink ^^
liquid eyeliner - 20%

this liquid eyeliner really easy to remove and its doesn't smudge all over the face.. U can wear it whole day! when u remove it, u can easily peel it !!

other stuff i buy:))-

 THIS is my favorite MASCARA !!! its from maybelinne . And its waterproof, when u use it, it can stay whole day without falling off under my lower lashes .. Other mascara i used before, they smudge on my face after sometime.

my earing for the week :))

the color of this earing really pop out ... CUTE !!
this month i fall in love with headband...