3 minutes Daily Make up for college :)

Hi everyone..

i was wondering how am i going to school with a natural and fresh looking everyday, cz i know tat i dun have enough sleep everyday. i got lots of tutorials to do, and revision too.. So i look so pale and makes me feel i dun even wan to see myself in the mirror.. So i try to use foundation and everything on my face, and i find out i need lots of time to do all this .. then i figure out the best solution !!

U might or NEED to try it!!

Cz i know early in da morning i rather sleep more before class start.. so i dun hav much time to get ready to look fresh and pretty :))

Tips to make sure u look fresh and pretty everyday to school :) JUST FOR 3 minutes!!
Not a heavy make up for school :)

First u need some product to help u ...

i use Mac STROBE CREAM..(im not sure how much is it , but its kinda pricy) 
also recommend Benefit "that gal"

i use Mac translucent powder to set it. 
u can use any powder as u like, or u can just leave it as it is after u apply strobe cream or "that gal".

u want to look fresh, NO FOR crack lips.
1.vaseline  (100%recommended)
2. LIp ice
3.Lipgloss (colour- pink or orange) 

I also use blusher to make my cheek to have some colour like soft pink or i usually use bronzer color.

1. wash ur face with cleanser
(always clean before u apply any product on ur face)
2.put on ur toner,moisturizer
3.Put on ur suncreen protection..spf30 
 Apply the strobe cream with ur finger, cover all ur face.
u can use a powder brush, to apply the translucent powder all over ur face.
put ur blusher both of ur cheek.
and put ur lipgloss.
u also can add MASCARA to ur eyelashes, make sure u curl ur eyelashes before u put on ur mascara. 

AND u r ready for Class.. 

this is fit for all girls that maybe dun want too much make up on their face. 
This is definately gonna be Ur choice to enchance ur beauty that only take ur 3 minutes :)  

LOOKING GREAT everyday !!! 
love u guys♥