the begining of COOKING:))

okay, so i stay here in my hostel for one month.YEAH!!

and i realize i can't keep eating cafeteria food, 

BECause im getting bored and i feel im not healthy at all eating all those food(and the food over  here all spicy, i dun understand why ?? the ordinary fried rice also put curry powder) .. 

So i decide to cook myself , so i need a RICe cooker..  I went to harvey norman, jusco... and i end up buying stuff at JUSCO. 

when i was looking for rice cooker, there is a lot of choices, and i dun know how to choose, so i phone my bf , lucas, and asked him. but he had no idea about rice cooker, so i called my bbf , rachel, and she told to buy price range about 100++. 

so i look around and i called the chinese worker, and atart asking stupid question like " which one is the best seller?" "what is the different?" "what is ur  suggestion for me to buy ?" then he was like this one ok, that one also ok , everything ok ... then i was looking at him and smile, i said ok, let me think first.

Then i go the other department looking for small table for me to make my DIY dressing table, and i discover one small coffee table perfect for me to transform it to be my dressing table. and it only cost me RM29.90... A VERY GOOD DEAL before discount RM 39.90(also a reasonable price).. and i can tell u guys, its in a  good quality, the material is so heavy, it wont fall apart when u put too much stuff on it, its so stable( i bought one before and the price much higher that is not in a good quality, hate tat).  Its come in a box,and i barely cant lift it up. And i do not use any tools, i use my wedges as for the hammer, yeah im smart sometimes:)) and my wedges still in a good condition now.. hehe

so this is a photo i took when im waiting for the lift. 

as u can see on the right side that is my table :))

AFTER walking round and round in jusco i decide to buy a multi purpose cooker and an ordinary rice cooker :) FROM CORNELL...

i decided to buy this cz its on sale.. and i can cook anything with it, EASY TO USE:) just plug in the cable and u can change the temperature:) 

This is just and ordinary rice cooker :) 

The  cost of both of this is more cheaper than previous rice cooker that i wanted to buy. Im happy that at last i make a good decision on buying them :) when u moving out from parent's house, need to start budgeting, and find good deals so that can save some pocket money to buy anythings else u love:)

This is a cyber clean.. its in hello kitty range :) cute, and its smell strawberry.. my mac always cover by dust and its hard to clean it so with this i was happy to see my mac was clean:)

It come in a zipper bag, and u can keep it inside after u use it, u can use as many times as u wan, until the colour of the cyber clean change from the bright pink to dark pink or red :) the photo above shows the back of the zipper bag and has a sample of colour when to replace new one.

U can use this to clean ur handpone, notebook, bag..etc.. anything :))

how to use it : Use with dry hand, and only pressing motion, and PLEASE DO NOT RUB cz the material with stick to the surface of ur stuff..

this is the table i mention earlier.. it kinda messy on the table and i dun hav time to organize . will post some photo after i decorate it to be my dressing table :)) 

beside that, i also buy everything that help me to cook and use for cooking:))

and my dinner that night is fish porridge with plain omelete:)FYI, im sick that day :(


LOVE U GUYS!! xoxo