Early august accesories and some stuff i get from sasa:)

Hi guys :) i try to post like everyday but then i really dun hav much time, but i will someday :)

So yesterday, i went to Sunway pyramid, i wanted to bank in some money but the bank operation hours till 4:30 pm. Then i end up going for small shopping :)

so i go to a shop that i really love p cz they hav very cute stuff :)
if u guys interested, request for the name and i will tell u guys the name and the location for the shop :)I bought earings and a ring :)

and i also went to etude house,  for a brush, but then i din find the actual brush that i need, so i buy a foundation brush , the bristles is soft, but im not really into it, but still fine. i use it today with my new foundation i got from sasa. and the foundation didnt really blend well with my skin :( maybe im in a rush so i cant really make  a review from it. The foundation is from SUISSE programme, i get the no.1 porcelain, whitening ultra soft foundation. the actual price is RM 124  and i just bought it for rm 37:) and i also got this skin doctor cream for the pigmentation ,freckles, surface blemishes actual price RM 59.90 for RM 9.90... and both this product expired date 2013. So i think its a good deal if u wan to try a new product. THE texture for the skin doctor cream is soft but  i dun like the smell at all.  And i take some nail polish buy 2 free 1:) i hav a small problem with my nose, cz i gt some blackheads, so i need a nose pore cleansing strips, then Sasa doing a promotion for the skinlite, if u buy one at RM 8.90 then u buy another one for RM 1. so i grab it, hehe..
No.1 porcelain, whitening ultra soft (suisse programme)  
skin doctor -advanced brightening complex    
Forever 21 is my new obsession 

i run through the shop and i saw this cute necklace, fall in love with it :)
i got this range of earing from lots of different colour, and i should post their photo together:) love love love rose earing :)this one is in gold:)
 This connecting ring is so cute !! its a love key, and u can match this with a casual outfit... gorgeous
 the bracelet i got here is so big and i love it cz of the detail of it:) i choose everything in gold and vintage colour, recently i really love vintage :)) 
 this set of three earing.. gt the small pearl, and from three of this, i love the most is the second earing, cz its so vintage:)
 this is another connecting ring, it got flower front and it look so girlie when u use it:) the colour of the ring is in white colour :) LOVE it... 

so this is much of stuff i got recently.. wiating for FOREVER 21 NEW STOCK arriving maybe this weekend or next weekend, so check them out :)) u do get something that make u HAPPY:) happy shopping girls :) 

LOVE U guys...