My August :) stay positve- THE pOwer-RHONDA BRYNE

"love is the mostpowerfuland still most unknown energy in the world"- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin(18 81-1995)

What we need in our daily life? our entire life ?
GREAT living, life with abundance of love... POSITIVITY !!! 

I am sick for almost 3 weeks.This month i was totally busy and lots of things happened to me. But i still learning to deal with everything, because this is LIFE. I need to stay positive and to move on.. I do cry but for sure not gonna take too long :) cry for a while and then take a deep breath and start all over again with new though new feeling, positive thought and happy feeling. So that everything will be just fine and GREAT !!

Something happened with my family,  with all my new environment, my study, my changing mood.

At first i was so so upset with everything, i cant concentrate to my daily life,  i cant study , i cant focus in class.. when i was in my room, i was thinking too much negativity..

But Now everything is going back to be GREAT and hopefully god bless everything. 
I think Positively and i feel great and happy now:) 

Thank you to my boyfriend, Jun Ann, he is the one who suffer actually( cz i was mad at him that moment, cz im in my bad mood. but he still be there for me, and try to let me feel better. He is a sweet guy :)) )
and i wanna thank to my BFF , Rachel, cz She also giving me advice and comfort me :)
 LOVE U guys  SO mUCH !!

Thank you to my family, they are always be there for me.. And i always be there for them :)

Thanks to my dad cz he is the one tell me not to worry too much, cz he still be there and handle everything.. he is my superman !! And now, my super daddy not feeling well and i hope god bless him and he will be fine soon:) I LOVE U DAD !!!

Thanks to mY MOm cz she also handle everything for us .. And sorry mom im not there with u guys now, and i cant help much.

Thank you for giving me opportunity to write out everything i love in this blog..
Thank you for reading my blog :))
Thank you to every single person in my life:)

Day by day i become strong cz i was inspired by Rhonda Byrne..

i wanna recommend to all of u, THE POWER- Rhonda Byrne

This is a book- a gift of god :)thanks!!

I love this book .. If u ever heard of THE SECRET  by Rhonda Byrne, is a great book also.
The Power is Rhonda Byrne second released book.

YOU need to read it .. Cz it really help in some point of ur life..
 And it really helps me, and i really appreciate what it taught me..

STAY positive ... its so simple ... U just need to stay positive, think things that u love, u like !! That is as simple as ABC...  can u do it ? it does take some time, cz we do live in a very complicated life, hard for us to believe things that are simple..

 Why do we want to think of things that we dont even like it? All negative thoughts will ruin our life.


Extra Vitamin for good life:

1. try to say thank you at least 20 times a day
2.  SMILE , start from the time u open ur eyes in da morning

 I hope every single person in the world to have a happy life and amazing life:)
So if u do have anything that u wish for ur life to happen, just think about it, ask for it, and stay positive.. The end result u get is according exactly what u ask in the beginning.

"One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life. That word is love." 
-Sophocles(496-406 BC) 
 LOve u guys so much..