REVLON PHOTO READY foundation is HERE !! TRy it, i love it, and u might love it too !!

Im so excited to find out the new revlon foundation in Guardian last two weeks.. OMG, I cant wait to try it after i saw a lot of review of you tube make-up guru SIX months ago.. I keep searching for it since then.
AND now it was mine :)) SO i try it the day after i bought it, and it is really amazing. The colour of the foundation that i bought is in medium beige006. It really match my skin well.


The price is RM 60++, but i get this on a promotion price Rm 58(im not so sure cz it didn't have price tag)
The price is more expensive for drugstore make up, but its really giving you the airbrush skin finish look, and u definitely love it.  

I love the packaging also, and the pump, u can pump out how much u wan it out without any waste of it :). 


ITs also contain SPF 20. extra protection from the uv rays:))

when u wanna take a good photo, more flawless skin looking photo, what u need is a good lighting. GOOD lighting is the basic thing i know about taking good photo. THIS range of new foundation is all about taking photo without any extra lightning:)) And in real life, u look glowing too... 

when i first trying it, i can tell that it cover my all my blemishes, skin discoloration, and it doesnt cake or crease into fine lines. 

But, Make sure u really remove it. some review said it is easy to remove, just use ur facial cleaser,. But for my opinion, IF u wear make-up, U need to put more effort to clean it so that the makeup  doesnt not stay on ur skin and it can blocking ur skin pores and ur skin will not able to breath u can easily ruin ur smooth and and end up with face that is full with blackheads and blemishes:) 

how to use choose right colour for ur skin :
 Test it by applying a little on your jaw and blending it down toward your neck. The color should always blend into your neck. You can put three different colour (that u think most likely ur colour)and compare them straight away from ur face. Thats how you know its the right color for you. 

how to use it:
u just pump out how much u want.. u can use either ur clean foundation brush(give ur flawless finishing), or just just use ur finger.
i always start from my cheek and, blend it down. make sure u cover al over ur face and ur neck, ears, back of ur ears.. And set it up with ur powder, translucent powder.. And then add up ur blusher, lip gloss( and everything u need to make ur look for the day ).. U ready to go...

Im using MARy KAY eye lip make up remover, and i also got the Cleansing Express SEBUM( water base, u can use this and straightly go to bed) ..
Both are my favourite:)) they easily remove ur make up, without oily texture:))

 SO BEautiful out there, what u waiting for? GO grab one and try it.. 

Make-up is to enhance ur beauty :) Im a supporter for natural beauty also.. but sometime, u just need a little bit of help and u will be more GORGEOus.. 

Dont be afraid of fashion, or even changes in life.. 

TIPS how to look good: 
HAPPY is the keyword 
Practice, pratice, pratice, and u will achieve anything.. from applying ur make up, wearing ur clothes to have the best look everyday . And of course everything in ur life.  
CHANGE ur style, Not urself :)) 

love u guys