FYI I had appendix surgery !!

Hi guys, its been a long time i didn't write any post because i just went for my appendix operation last month, AUG 27 2010.And i need to take more rest and recover from it:)

It happened so unpredictable, aug 26 i went back to my hometown, cz i gt appointment for my braces. i took 935pm flight from kl, and i arrive midnight. i feel not well after i went home, and i started to feel bad inside my stomach, its so pain and i cant tell which part of my stomach is pain, all over my stomach feel terrible pain. And i vomit, all my food came out and my stomach are empty and the pain become worst. i cant even sleep well and it is so annoying to have such painful stomach. Actually i've been this kind of pain last three years ago and i ended up assuming it is my gastric pain. The next day, Aug 27, i can't consume any food, i have fever, so i went to Damai Specialist Centre, to get cured.. the doctor told it is my appendix gt problem, and i need to make a surgery to remove my appendix. Im so shocked, cz i dun even think of a surgery on that morning. So i called my dad and mum, and tell them.. bla bla bla... and then they said ok, do it today... and My bf, he is the one accompany me to see the doctor, keep saying ok .. DO IT TODAY.. and they dun even ask me whether i wan or not, cz u know, i never been in operation room before, and im scared..  But i do agree and in a minute there a was a long needle into my vein and its hurt. the doctor took my blood and then i was sent to patient room wait for 5 hours and i will be operate at 4 pm. Im lying on the bed, and the nurse giving me IVdrip. i can feel the fluid going inside me :) And im in my own private single room at the time i was staying in the hospital.. Its is comfortable..

My dad and mum was rushing to see me, and then i can tell my mom is so worried about me. My mom asked me whether i want her to acc me, but i refused her, cz i dun wan she gt tired taking care of me, and my baby sister needed her more than me:) My sweet boyfriend is willing to be my private nurse to take care of me, so why do i waste of not using him :) thanks BABY :)) he is such a good guy, he is with me all day long... And of course not forgetting my BFF, RACHEL, she is there with me also. . She take care of me when My boyfriend went home for a shower...etc.. Both of u GUYs are so NIce, and i LOVE U GUYS !!! My sister and brother also come and acc me for few hours, my sis also cook porridge for me after i surgery done :) love the porridge :))thanks :)) and special thanks to kalik, watak, brandon, iesion for coming late night just to see me after their saturday party night in the club.

For now, my scar on my stomach still gt redness on it. and sometimes, i feel pain the right side of my stomach. and i feel like im gaining some weight, cz i stop doing exercise and i eat a lot.

Hopefully, u guys out there, if u feel pain in ur stomach and u thought it is ur gastric pain.. u better go for doctor.. Appendix  sometimes  might be very dangerous..
took this before i left hospital.And that time when i walk, i cant walk with my back straight cz my stomach PAin..

as u can see how big is my smile, but actually im still in the pain :(
my babe, was so tired.. look his panda eyes..

STAY GORgeous !!
from JENN