THIS IS NOT JUST BEAUTY RULES U SHOULD LEARN, but it includes LIfe lesson that is invaluable.......

Finally my beauty book arrive, at 445pm.. yeah!! im so excited !!!! im waiting for this like for ages.. but luckily i got it!!!!

I quickly back to my hostel study room where i study while im waiting for my parcel from MPHonline bookstore..

Actually, there is a MPH bookstores in sunway pyramid and i went in and asked about the books but they said not yet arrive.. so i check it online, and then i just bought it throught the MPH online bookstores.

THIS is a VERY RECOMMENDED BOOK FOR GIRLSSS.. maybe GUYSS, still wondering what to buy gift for ur sweet heart...

Inside this book, u will get chock full of how to style secrets, and invaluable life lessons.

I’m not yet finish reading it, but i already read couple pages and i fall in love with it :)) KISS for BOBBI BROWN... She is my idol...

WHere u can get this ?
Bobbi brown store or books store i.e MPH

How much is it ? 
In the bobbi brown store RM90.90

MPH RM 94.90

Mph online order Rm94.90 before postage... FOR KOTA KINABALU Gorgeous u can online purchase, they post to kk also :))

Why i didnt go to bobbi brown store and get it?
Cz i dun wanna go to mid valley or any shopping mall that is far away from my hostel :))

THIS is the picture after i received my beauty rule:))

How is it look like :))) ^^

 FYI: the girls on the cover is not a model, she is just an ordinary real girl :)) PRETTY right :))

Which chapter i love the most in this book ??

ALL OF IT ... but if i need to choose, maybe CHAPTER 5 BE WHO U ARE!!! 
-Everyone wants to be pretty. BUT to be amazing and special is about so much more than just ur looks.
It takes style, substance, kindness, and confidence. It takes understanding and then loving WHO YOU ARE. The world is a melting pot. Everybody’s got a story- become comfortable with ur own is the challenge. It’s something You NEED TO LEARN. Whether u r small, tall, a celebrity, or a sister, i want u to celebrate the qualities that make u  UNIQue. They are what inspire me. They should inspire u too.

There is not much to write about this book , cz if u wanna know more about this book.. YOU SHOULD QUICKLY AND GO FOR IT, TAKE IT HOME 

love u guyss