Finally i got it !!!! what?? CANON DSLR

OMG... what am i holding right now? i couldn’t believe that my SUPER PAPA will buy me a DSLR..
 FYI im not a photographer  and i have no knowledge for photographing.

But i’ve been dreaming of to own a DSLR since few months ago. ITs so expensive for me, and  i couldn’t afford it. Cz im not earning money, im still a poor student.. and im not come from a wealthy family, and my family is so humble, we just spend money on something we really need :))

hahahhahhaah... But i have a very generous PAPA:)) my PAPA actually was thinking not buying me, but then he said he just want me to be happy:) that is so sweet ..
 ( fyi my mom love taking picture, so i think my MUmmy ask him to buy for me so that she can use it too .. ) My papa is so clever cz he makes me happy to me the max and he makes my mom and the whole family happy:))))so this DSLR, is for the whole family:))

yeah... SHARING is a must do in ur life :))(i can 100% guarantee u will get more after u love to share) cz sharing is giving, sharing is caring :)) maybe this is out of point. just wanna share with u guys that i love to share stuff i got, to my siblings, and best friend and anyone that needed it:)

Okay back to the point:)

So i was thinking to buy Canon or nikon, and for ur record, i fall in love with canon for the first time. CZ  canon attract me !!  like magnet !!! muaahaahahah

 ( no offence to nikon lover) BOTH COMPANY ARE MAKING GOOD CAMERA!!!

 want something suit me, that is for beginner.
SO in my list :
canon 550D
nikon D90
lumix g11(semi pro) will ask mummy buy this. highly recommend this !!!! love this also.
thats all ...

and then i end up buying CANON E60D.... 

LOVE IT love it love it love it love it :)))

THIS IS HOW ITS look like in the box..


WHAT is the  COLOUR ?
BLACK (obviously)

NOt really for me :))
weight for the body not include the lens 755g..

BASICALLY whats the function?
TAKE GREAT PICTURE AND HD MOVIE SHOOTING(depends on ur fast processing memory card)
manually and auto... 

FOR MORE details of its function , let me discover it first then will share with u guys :)
u also can check this website:CANON 

When i bought this , it come with tripod, canon bag, memory card...
I also bought the filter, and a wireless remote and a cleaner:))sponsored 

my basic knowledge for this is to protect the lens when u drop it u dun want the lens broke, u might just want the filter broke. Cz its more cheaper to replace.
click this FILTER , if u wan to know more about filter.

WHAT is the best part u like about this DSLR?
probably all of it .. but if u want me to mention one thing, might be the vari angle LCD. 

some picture i took with this LOVER ...

the small shop in my hostel, located at block A


view from the balcony of my condo hostel

this is my only plant :)) since im staying high 24th floor, i want to see nature like plant.

this is my favourite burger, it is at the side gate of my campus

some detail picture of the camera.

Will update more to u guys about my dslr.. and my life with it:)) 

Camera is a tool for me to capture the memory. Everything happen in my life no matter how, i would love to capture it into a picture so that when i turn back and look at it i wont miss a thing. 
SO what r u waiting for, take picture with ur love one, stuff u love, food u love, the view u love, and someday, it will be the the picture u take helping u to flash back all the memory and u will get a smile on ur face:) 

love u guys