Mac BRUSH .. My new addiction :)

Hi GORGeous...

Do u guys know MAC ?
MAC is a cosmetic company that sells make-up, make-up tools..
And MAC is a well known world wide cosmetic brand:)

Because Mac is POPULAR.. so i try their product.. and WOW.. I ADORE IT... sometimes u got to agree that something good will definitely will be known by everyone:)

I'm just an ordinary girl that love make-up.. but i choose to have a brush as part of my No.1 equipment as for makeup.
You want a beautiful make-up, then u need a beautiful Brush.
BUT You do not necessarily have to own Make-up brush , because it depends on a person if they like to use their hand to apply make up or they can use brush to be the applicator. But for makeup artist definitely will be a priority to have a good brush so that it can help them to apply the make up for the WOW finish look :)

so the first brush i got is the MAC 187( best foundation brush )
Mac 187
use for face&cheek
synthetic & natural fibre
for powder or water based foundation or cheek product
I love this MAC187 because if u use for foundation applicator, it can give u the air brush finish look. Ur skin will have a flawless and radiant look:)

MAC 134 (BIG fluffy powder brush)
for face
ultra-soft natural fibre
blending and applying powder product
This is the first GIFT brush.. from my bf:)) this brush is so soft, and u will fall in love with it when it touches ur face:) very good for applying powder that u wanted to look natural and not much of powder on ur face :)  I use this for my everyday powder applicator:)

MAC168 (blusher brush)
MAC 168
for cheek and face
soft natural fibre
application, sculpting blending and shaping powder product
I Love to use this as my blusher brush or contour my face. it is actually a large angled contour brush.

MAC 224 ( adorable super blending brush)
MAC 224
for eyes
soft natural fibre
gentle shading and blending the crease line with powder shadow
This is my first eyeshadow brush.. when u use this to apply ur eyeshadow on ur eye, u can blend the colour really well on ur eye lid..

MAC 239 (sexy eyeshadow brush)
MAC 239
soft natural fibre
for eyes
shading and blending powder product or sheer application of emollient based product
This is a another eyeshadow brush , i use this to pack the eyeshadow colour and apply on my eyelid:)
this is my last amazing MAC brush.

i store all my brush in a MAC brush Roll

this one also have zipper at the side to put all other tools

THis mac brush pouch, i try to find everywhere in my hometown but there is no shop selling makeup brush roll pouch. they only sell something like bag holder.. i found this lovely brush roll pouch in MAC shop at mid valley:)

FYI: i owned all this brush early this year:) and Im waiting for my new mac brush to join my brush family:)

U can get more cheaper brush for ur make up applicator, as long as u love the feeling when u using them on ur face, u make sure it is soft enough and it wont hurt ur face. It doesnt matter how much the cost of a brush, as long as u love them and they give u a beautiful finish look and definitely that is a good brush for u !!

Tips for buying Brush :
1) feel the bristle ( the fibre) soft is priority 
2) see whether the bristle fall out easily
3) make sure u know the use of the brush

FOR a beginner to play with make-up, recommend brush from

2) etude house( wait for sale and u get super deal price)

3)skin food 

4) the face shop 

GIRLS, u can buy brush that u only needed and u can also buy a SET brush.. depends how much budget u have:) but make sure u really need it then u buy it ok :) 

love JENN