my saturday :))stuffssss from The curve and Ikea :))

yesterday, my aunt call me, and ask me whether i wanna join her to hang out at the Curve . Actually that time i was in my study room, starting to do revision. And i cant resist of the her invitation... (devil laugh ) So i quickly ready and she came.

we went to IKEA, i love ikea. i dun know why, everybody love ikea:))

I got a super deal !!

My kitchen in my hostel doesn't have dish drainer so i was thinking to buy one the time i move in but when i saw price tag of RM19.. then i just said forget about it, then yesterday, i saw this

exactly like i bought in IKEA 
 LET U guess HOW much is it??????

hahaha... is it consider cheap ? Yeah of course!! 

But the said thing is u cant really put wet dishes on it, cz its made from wood material so its life using time is not that long. 
And i got this particular holder:)) RM2.30

RM 19.60 clothesss rack

BESIDE that, when went to the CURVE, then there is flea market. hehe.. both of us are so enjoy:)
so i bought

THE ROSES EARING:) ( my favorite earing)

 sale for RM10 for 3, i get one for free:)) 

the cutest note book ever!!!
 This note book is the same book like in the movie of KUNG FU HUSTLE.
U can write anything inside. love it !!!! 

The LOVE vintage necklace

I fall in love to this necklace because, it is a big love, and i can put picture inside:)


I also buy few of fake eyelashes... super cheap one.. i never wear fake eyelashes but i want to play them so i buy few of the fake eyelashes:))

THen i had my dinner at MAK CIK BIRYANI... at the curve...

my aunt in mak cik biryani

harajuku.. i foeget the name:)) nice !!!!

took this when im in a small korean owner shop..

what u guys do on saturday ??
love u guys..