natural fake lashes & OPI Summer flutter minis collection

My cute nails. and my fake lashes, can u see how the eyes pop out and the nails:)) love it
So i’ve been playing with colour recently, love the OPI summer collection(sponsored) especially the colour im wearing on my nail now.
And second things that i’ve been playing is the fake lashes.

FOR NAILS I’m using this collection(down below)

from the left FLIT a Bit, Wing It!, Catch Me in Your Net, Flower to Flower
For GORGEOUS out there, with tan skin, dark skin, u should wear colour nails, so that u pop out. CZ u want ppl notice YOU. And the colour will look SO Cute on u :))

STep for colouring nail:
1)use a clear base coat

2) apply ur nail colour

3)wait for it to dry (opi dry fast enough)

4) apply 2nd coat of ur nail colour

5)wait again 3 minutes

6) apply the 3rd coat

7) wait AGAIN

8)then apply ur TOP coat

9) UR DONE !!

FOR FAKE LASHES I’m using PRO LASH by DEFINITE and DUO adhesive glue.( buy it from MAC)

this is from the definite natural lashes collection, and this one the hair  is brown colour,  it can match with ur  hair :)

THIS IS MY FIRST TIME that i wear fake lashes without falling off..YEAH !!

very recommended GLUE :)) love this
when u use this, just apply to the top of the lashes, and then wait for 30second, until it become tacky, then u put ur lashes on ur eyes.
STEP to wear lashes:
1) u need to measure the lenght of ur fake lashes to ur eyes, cz sometimes the lashes is longer than ur eyes. and cut it to become ur prefect lashes.

2) put the glue on top of ur lashes, wait until the glue become tacky

3) u can use ur finger to put it on ur eye lid, close to ur own lashes.

4) start from side to the side, or u can start from the centre and then u just push it and u wanna make all the lashes really secure glue on the upper of ur eyelashes.

WEARing FAKE LASHES NEED MORE PRACTICE :)) Don’t give up if u fail once or twice... KEEP TRYING!! 


Do YOU ever try on Fake lashes and NAIL colour thats really pop u OUT ?

WHY dont just give it a try, HAVE FUN !!!
LOOK different sometimes, make us feel happy:)