Thinking of IPHONE 4G???

Iphone cool ... iphone FUN... 

EVERYbody thinking of changing their handphone to IPHONE .. because it is so much to do with iphone .. 

BUT is it really ur type of phone?
WHy do i say so ?

First before i bought mine.. Mine is Iphone 3gs. and then i just go ahead and buy it without thinking too much, i just basically knowing that the iphone can play games, can online, text messaging. 

BUT THEN after i bought it, i use it..

I discovered that if u wanna be an iphone user u need to know something about it first.. 


this is not a joke.. when i was still an iphone newbie user. no one ever told me anything about it, they told me fun :)so i was thinking to share with u guys something u should know before u buy it .. i mean the new IPHONE 4G or iphone 3gS.. 

Before U go and book OR BUY an iphone, see below:))
HOPE THIS CAN HELP U GUYS, and this is just basic info:))) 

TAKE UR TIME , it might be a long story :))

1. Do u have a credit card or debit card?
    No- then u might need ur dad or mom 
    Yes- good for u 

2. Why do i need credit card or debit card?
    If u want to buy any applications that is requirement payment then u need to have a credit card to       purchase it. 
    u can also apply an account that required no Credit card infomation, just for free application :)

3. Do u own a computer or laptop?
   A MUST for iphone user.. cz u need an itunes ( u can download it for free).

4. DO u have broadband, streamyx, wireless internet in ur own place? AND u can download file pretty fast with it? 
   MUST ! u dun wanna go to any public place just for dowloading ur application that is required more powerful connection. 
    Not that my phone can online and i can use it for dowload ? 
    yes, but then it cannot download application that is with larger file. 

5. Can i get a cool ringtone? how?
Yes, u might need to change the file format to M4R and then u can only change the duration of the song for 30 second:) MICROSOFT and MAC  user will requirement different step to do it:)

6. I might receive shocking phone bill for maxis user ? 
   yes u might be receiving:)) 
   for digi, might not ...

7.Can i jailbreak my iphone ?
yes u can. I think it is not illegal, but after u jailbreak ur iphone, ur iphone gt problem, they might void ur warranty.  

8. what is jailbreak? ?
    check this website JAILBREAK ( im not good at it cz mine is not jailbreak phone)
9. How do i jailbreak it ?
   U can do it urself or u find some ppl in the phone store to do it urself, but it required some fee.. or ur fren might know how to do it : i have bunch of fren love jailbreak their phone, u can ask me to help u if u want :)) 

10) So happy with the video call in Iphone 4g ?
      YOU need to have fren using Iphone 4g as well, or new ipod touch using wifi. Too bad if friend didn’t use iphone. cz u might never using ur video call. so if u wan to buy it make sure u at least got one fren using the same phone.

11) how do i choose , 16gb or 32gb?
  DEPENDS.. For me i’m using 16gb but now my phone only using 5gb... muahahaha...

12) Is the camera of the phone take good picture??
for the new 4g, got flash, and u can take hd movie with it:)

Information u should might wanna know a bit :

A) The cover and the screen protector usually sell kinda pricy in the mac store. u can go pasar malam or some store that sell cheaper stuff. 

B) ITunes gift card not sold for malaysia. if u want to use other countries itunes gift card, then u need to have an address for the particular country. u can just search for the address:)

C) Iphone basically need to online 24 hours, cz some application like ur email, and Ping (for chatting), so 
If u are digi user u have unlimited online service, but after ur phone the quota of ur phone reach then u can still online but maybe the line is a bit slower. 


for the maxis(which i am ), then my bill always exceed the plan that i sign up for because i always end up using too much. 

D) when u receiving mms, then u need to on the cellular data, so if u off it, u cannot receive any mms. and ur phone will automatically online.

E) Itunes is for ur iphone to organize its contains, download new version, and to restore ur software if anyhthing happened to ur phone:)

F) U only can synchronize ur phone in a particular laptop that is with ur stuff save in the itunes. cz u might lost ur stuff in ur phone if u sync with others itunes.

G) u can only purchase malaysia itunes store with malaysia payment.

I’m thinking of upgrading my iphone to iphone 4G but then i still need to wait till someone close to me using it, so that i can video call him/her.. muahahah ... just kidding..
Actually, im waiting for christmas. maybe santa will send me as a gift.. but am i a good girl this year?? hmm... wondering :) hehe..

ENJOY using ur IPHONE if u already own it, should write out ur thoughts after using it. cz IPHONE AWESOME !!!!

I LOVE IPHONE, and i couldn’t survive without it :) muahahah ... (no offence to other smartphone or handphone company or user) sometimes im too much :) 

ps: if any information is uncorrect, plz forgive me)) or u can correct me, by leaving me a comment down here:)) many more info, but for now i just can think of this..

and here are two picture of my iphone:))