how good is ur MEMORY ???

I’ve been working so hard to study since last two weeks :)) ( kind of ><)

I was so desperate to memorize all the stuff that might be test in my exam... Today i went to MPH with my lovely Aunt and i pick some books..
And i find out book to learn how to mind map, how to boost ur memory ... All connected with LEFT BRAIN :)

This is a simple chart for us to know the function for left and right brain  :)


DID U know???
BRAIN contains
BILLION OF NEURONS or nerve cells.

Brain cells are so tiny....

Lined up all the brain cells , could reach to the moon and back ...

It was thought that adults could not form new synapses. Neuroscientist believed that once brain development ceased after childhood, the synapses were frozen in position for a lifetime.
Then research showed that new synapses could actually form after all, again and again...

I pick this two books to help me :)
Inside box:
memory teasers
memory mind maps
creative association games
lateral thinking boosters

Daydreaming is good for relaxing other parts of the brain.. so make sure u dun skip ur daydreaming time ya !!!
i always having my daydreaming when im boring :) 
i use d to daydream that i have...

lots of make up
u knew it!!! money ....
And lotss .. but now i just can think of this two :)) 
 So what’s yours ?

ps: i have no time to update my blog.. i got lots of new stuff to share and u might love it as well.. but maybe after december 7 then i will post them out ... Prepare with bunch of new post soon :))
Maybe something u can buy for urself for christmas present or place that i might go in my hometown:)

love u guyss