HAppy new year !! 2011


HAPPY new year everyone!!

Hope u guys enjoy CHRISTMAS and also celebrating new year !!

I am so busy the whole month till today and i don’t even have time to sit and relax, no extra time to write anything in this blog. I have a lot of things to share but i just didn’t manage time to write it out.. i should record everything and i just post it out but im too shy for that :)

Ok girls or guys, Are u guys ready ? i mean for work, school, NEW year ? WHAT ? not yet ? too fast ??
 IT’s ok, everything will be fine.. Don’t regret what u have done in 2010. Enjoy it and try to make things right in 2011 :)

NEW year’s RESOLUTION ? have u think of it ?write it down in ur new diary, facebook ?

One of my important new year’s resolution is that I WOULD NEVER SWEAT the SMALL stuff..

i have this favourite books of mine.. I’ve been running here and there to find this book and finally i found it in a bookstore in accidentally ... HAve u ever heard of it ??

DONT SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF  by richard carlson
This book is  recommended for everyone !! He is one of the best author .. u should check him out :))

THIS year 2011 will be a great year and i am looking forward to do the best for everyday and i will make sure i share everything that I LOVE....

Last december is great and i have a lot of stuff to do..
I moved to a new condo. And i need to clean the whole unit and it is FUN. i enjoy every moment just to make myself feel comfortable to stay in it :)

I just started driving in KL using my aunt’s car  and i was lost few times and it is not fun but i still enjoying it.. And i still thinking of getting a GPRS while I’m waiting for my car, it is quite a long process to buy a car, because my dad was in the east of malaysia and he is buying me a car from west of malaysia.. i don’t exactly involve in the buying process and I’m not sure how was it ? but i’m so grateful that i have such a lovely dad that is so sweet of him to help me and just make sure i have the most comfortable life over here.. i love u DAD !!

I will definitely try to post everyday start from now and hope u guys love it ..

For the year of 2011 i hope the world is PEACE and everyone are ready to have a better year.
U NEED TO HAVE A GOOD SHOES TO WALK FOR THE whole year of 2011 so yesterday i saw a flat ballerina shoe store in THE GARDENS .. And i really loving it !! The shop is cute with pink colour and the shoes design is adorable, it also have the mom and daughter design that is exactly same pattern with the small and big size..

I wanted all the shoes but i can only pick one.. but i might go there for another one  because i keep dreaming of it since i got back home last night.

I choose this one because my boyfriend like it and i love it too :) it is bright and it might lead me to a bright day through the year :))

I Love u guys :) KEEP reading :))

love u guys