MY eye cream :))

My eyes is one of my biggest problem of all over my face.. cz im having a dry skin and dark circle(because my nose is sensitive and i used to sleep very late every night so it does make my eyes look old and ugly) ..

So i start  put some effort on it :) 

And recently i walk by BOBBI BROWN, i love bobbi brown....
So i picked the eye cream from the store.. and It comes in a promotion pack that is including face moisturizer , make up remover, mascara... 

What is the product’ name ?

It is enriched with mineral water and ALOE VERA 

WHAT does the texture of the cream?
It is so light and not sticky :) 

Does it have a strong smell ?
NOT really after applying, but i do smell something when my nose very close to the cream..

What does it feel after apply under the eye ?
It does feel a bit of tingling, and it does feel like peppermint on ur skin , if u put too much ... 

How much should i really put on the eye ?
three small dots each eye

What finger i should use ?
RING finger or the third finger... 

DO i need to be very soft with my eyebag ?
YES ... and dont try to massage too hard around the eyes.. 

How many ML in a bottle of the eye cream ?
15ml :)

Would i recommend this to everyone ?
I think yes for those who only gt small problem with the eyes :) like wrinkles and all that i got a better choice( will let u guys know soon ) 

Do I love it ??
YES of course :) 

love jenn