my new skin care routine..

hi girlss... r u having fun on january ?

I’m loving it cz I’m trying  new skin care !! i used a lot of skincare before, shiseido, kanebo, SkII(once)(recommended), L’occitane, MElilia...  and i also keep trying all the drugstore product that having a very similar like the high end brand.. And of course they didn’t ruin my skin so its ok to try ... don’t just stick to one kind of brand u can mix and match and have fun :))

I choose HADO LABO this time.... and i loVE EEEE it :))

Start with my hair pull back to a pony tail .. so my hair wont go all over my face.

1Wash ur face with warm/ cold water..

 squeeze a small small amount of cleanser mix with some water and then make bubble foam... 

Cover the foam all over ur face 

2 Moisturizing lotion  

 take a clean cotton pad and just put some lotion on it.. and lightly Dab it all over the face..
leave it dry and proceed to the next step.

3Eye cream 
use ur ring finger to put the eye cream on ur eye bag.. 
massage ur eyes.. 

4Blackhead serum gel 
apply small amount of the blackhead serum gel on the nose and places u get blackhead.

5moisturizing cream
Need to complete moisture the skin before applying any make up or any sunscreen protector:)

5 Last but bot least, my SPF 30/PA++

 Yeah !! I’m clean and refresh !! And protected from the sun :)) 

ALL product i Recommended to every girl that is having combination skin.. 
i will upload a post for MAN skincare routine for guys soon ... and its all about acne... and hope this post also will help girls to find a new skincare that might also suit u guys, or any girls using the same skincare like mine.. DO u love it ? hope to hear from u girls...