Ok DOllssss out there ...

R u addicted to bag ??
And do u wanna feel what is it  to be a bag??
IMAGINE u r a bag.... what is it the feeling, what did u actually see ?? and things like that ...

then Dolls, u should check this out ... "HUge HErmes KElly “

If u wanna experience to be a bag, u should go check it out in Pavillion, outside the Hermes boutique, and u will be able to experience like what i did this morning :)

It is so unique and i’m enjoying it,
and of course LOve love hermes kelly :)) i mean just look at the bag.. wont u just wanna grab it and own it ? but it does cost me a fortune for now, because different leather different size got diffrent price, and of course it is custom made, and  u need to make an order to own one of ur Hermes kelly bag, and it takes 2 to 3 years to finish a bag of urs, and then u can collect them and use it...
If u own it, u might need to treat it like a baby :) if not, i think u just dont appreciate the bag and u should give it to someone that is really care bout it..

So im gonna let u guys see the HUGE Kelly....

when u go inside the bag u will be sitting and watch the clip provided:)) And also they will give u a D.I.Y small paper HERMES kelly BAG :)

Enjoy :)) And do go chect it out :) MAYbe tomorrow :))

love u guys !!!!