VOTE FOR ME :)) pretty ...Pretty powerful ... bobbi brown

Hi EVERYONE ..  I went to a contest, organized by BOBBI BROWN. Simple contest.. and fun ..

AND i need YOUR VOTE...

Simple step to vote for me :)) 

click this

You will see the page is like this :) u will see my face:)


REGISTERED via ur facebook

Just click the "registered or log in via facebook” at the top of the page


IF u didnt log in to ur facebook while u doing this u will be taken to the page like this ..

U need to log in through this using ur facebook ..

after u LOG IN u will see this page :) 

then u need to fill up the last form , look like this

u will be take into the homepage and ur profile pic will be shown

AFTER u done all the above step ...

u can now click this webpage

AFTER u click vote wait for 10 second or less , then u see

I woud really hope to go to the finalist, and have the chance to win the prize ... But for me to fullfill my dream to win, i NEED support and vote from u guys... And i really appreciate for whoever vote for and i love u guys so so much !!! u guys just make my day :))

AND did i mention about my teeth ??
OH yES :)  ... my braces already taken out but i still need to wear retainer...

LAST but not least , THANKS PEEPSSSSSSS....... LOVE u guys... kissy from ME:)