Amazing eyeliner- mac wonder woman

I’m announcing that i can’t put on make up without eyeliner !!!! EYELINER is a MUST !! 

so what eyeliner i’v been using for such a long time  "ever" ? for ur record i never being royal to any eyeliner before ... but ya, back when i was 16 , i was into shiseido eyeliner.. but I mean recently i’ve been throwing my eyeliner after i buy and use it not more than 3 times ... ( dramatic)

SO MAC wonder woman collection come out with this MARKER PEN EYELINER :)

penultimate eyeliner 

I love this because :

easy application !! super easy !! look like marker pen and really treat it like a marker pen :)

Its stay on my lids perfectly , didn’t smudging !!
the packaging is super cute :) love it !!!

               super black pigmented .... ( but it is not a waterproof eyeliner )  easy to take off

ps: im going to look for it in ebay, just for stock :) just in case i finish it :)

What is ur must "make up” that u will never leave the house without it ? 

( will show u guys how i draw my eyeliner soon )