Truly a shopper - Episode 1

Hi guys , so if u guys read my previous post asking for votes for “truly a shopper” contest . I am so lucky to be part of it , and u can watch me , how did i manage to pass through the challenges they give us :)

And u guys can enjoys to see how am i acting in the camera, awkward !! Because this is the first time ever i’ve been followed by camera man and do all the shooting :) And if u want to know more of the stories behind the scene u should log on to and look for my name, my face JENNIE, and i will blog it there :) i will talk about everything thats happened that day :) and show you pictures .. u should be enjoying it :) My post will be out soon, so check it out guys :) <---- this the link to the actual website ... 

part 1 - part 3 

ps: ready to comment ( good comment ) :) you guys are angels :) 

For more picture : like the page :))

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