Basic for your WARDROBE - clothes

Hi sweetie, so today i wanna talk about some BASIC stuff u might wanna take note so that it will be in Your wardrobe:) 

you can have everything u like but this is just the opinion of some basic that u really need to have it, and u need to put it in a place that u can always check it whether it still available for use :) 


LEGGINGS.. (black)

I think everyone should have more than 2 of leggings because it is just the basic that u need to have !! 
Trust me!! Btw friendly reminder , better to have long tee or cami to cover up places that u need to cover :) 


Blazer / jacket /cardigan 

sweater, cardigan, blazer would be very easy to put on if u r going out somewhere for any occasion, maybe suddenly u went for a  movie, u definitely need  something to keep warm..
tips: never ever forget to bring an extra sweater or cardigan in ur bag, just in case :)

JEANS/ skinny jeans/ JEGGINGs( jeans that are like leggings)

U need to have jeans in ur wardrobe that is still work on you because u need it for everyday use maybe for some casual day out college...

JEANS definitely suitable for  ANYONE :) 


TANK top/ camisole top
Long cami or short cami top is a very good items for u to do layering or just go out with ur cami with shorts or jeans :) 

MUST COLOURS: black, nude


U can choose which material u love the best for short , maybe jeans, maybe cotton linen.. but shorts is just a must have in my wardrobe, because of the weather over here is HOT !! 

But if u feel uncomfortable with shorts , u can choose CAMPRIs

T-shirts- short/ long sleeves 

WARdrobe without a basic tee would be a disaster darling , check ur wardrobe and make sure your basic tee is still in a good condition :) 

ADDITIONAL : ( my must wardrobe items) 


sport outfit

Everyone who do workout or not, u need to have some sport outfit, maybe any t-shirt with short will do.. something to remind u to do it !!   


 I need to talk about this, since i was a little i already wear sleepwear at night time, i felt comfortable with sleepwear, 
my mom always ask tailor to tailor made our pants for sleepwear :) so how bout u guys ??? 

This is my opinion for some basic u might need to check your wardrobe. So check it out girls :) u might need to go for shopping:) maybe u need to replace them :) 

Tell me about your must wardrobe item?

i will be posting Basic wardrobe including shoes, accessories, and jewelry.. THANKS FOR VISITING MY BLOG ><