Happy Father’s day !!

After celebrating Mother’s day last month...

This month is dad’s turn ... so what u guys waiting for ?? Today is Father’s day ... 

Don’t know what to buy as a present for him ? 

Here are some of my idea : 

1. TAke him out for dinner, chat with him, hug him , kiss him, say I LOVE YOU , PAPA!! YOU ARE THE BEST !!! 


PERSONALIZED MUG, PERSONAL KEYCHAIN (with ur and daddy’s picture)
A GIFT voucher for A relaxing SPA ... 


LET ME SHARE what i got for my PAPA... 

handmade by myself, i use clay and acrylic paint and a wood box .. 
Before u guys wondering why i give him such present, it is because, i wanted to give him something fun and funny, and he will smile when he gets this , all i want for my dad is to be happy father .. 

that is a CAI SHEN, Chinese god of prosperity..  
NOT only bringing prosperity for my dad, i still add some colours ..
BLUE - conserving, healing, relaxation, exploration, trust, calmness, immortalityBROWN - industrious, groundedGOLD - completeness, wealth, metal, God consciousnessGREEN - growing, generating, sprouting, striving, refreshing, balancing, calming, healing, self assurance, foundation, benevolence, health, harmony, sensitivity, patience vs anger RED - traditional bridal colour, expansive, blooming, dynamic, enthusiastic, reaching upwards, good luck, celebration, happiness, joy, vitality, long life; red purple brings luck and fame, money, recognition, propriety, creativity, joy vs. over excitation

ALL THE WAY before i finish it :) 

my dad can actually put some of his fortune inside :) 

i know this might look like a bit like chinese new year’s gift, but THIS IS A SPECIAL gift for my dad, every single clay i put on this creation, i pray and hoping my dad will be happy, and healthy:) 

SO U CAN DO IT UR SELF TOO .. something like CARD ... write a letter , write a song, DO SOMETHING !! 

HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to every single dad in this world !! APPRECIATE and love our dad now and forever ..