Investment for beautiful skin..

Beside makeup can be part of making us pretty, Don’t forget to take care of our skin.

IMPORTANT : We need to remove all the makeup or dirt on our skin after such a long day with MAKEUP REMOVER or  cleansing milk or cleansing oil ...


step from CLEASING to  MOISTURIZING+sunscreen  is important ....

you need to remove dirt from ur skin no matter u having makeup on or u just having ur naked face ... It is a must routine for everyday since we have such a bad pollution out there .... And u wanna have a flawless skin don’t u ??

ADD ON tool to help u to reach the goal
If u have a little budget to spend on face product i mean its ok ... u could find a lot cheaper and good product out there ... so basically today i’m going to share with a tool that will help us to exfoliate and polishes our skin ... 

It is a tool that have rotating motion technology... 

with a brush head attach to the appliance, and with 2AA battery, it will rotate WITH two different speed.. 

click this:website for sigma
Three different brush head: 
SOFT - all pink bristle - sensitive skin , daily cleansing and polishing

medium- pink and white bristle- to exfoliate skin 

firm- all white bristle - to exfoliate (occasionally) 

What is this tool for ?? 
ITs help to clean the surface of the skin and it exfoliate the skin ...

why do i need to EXFOLIATE ? 
 To remove the dead skin cell on top of our skin, will instantly show the difference before and after. Before u exfoliate ur skin, u might having a dull and rough skin but after u exfoliate, u will have smooth skin and look refreshing. 

How to use it: 
1.clean ur face with a makeup remover wipes.

2.damp ur face , wet the bristle and put ur face cleanser on top of the brush head.

3. turn it on , and move it along ur face. 

check out their sigma brush as well:)