TREAT for urself :)

ARE THINKING OF doing a facial in a beauty spa, or u just wanna treat urself BUT u have a limited budget ?? 

In my mini haul, i showed u guys my mini set , now im going to talk more about it :)

IN THE MINI SET u will get four items :

1. vanilla souffle Face Scrub
2. Strawberry yogurt amino acid Cleanser
3. Chocolate Truffle MAsk
4. earl green tea and macaroon mask

A better option to get a budget treat for urself is to buy a set like this, 

First u use the VANILLA SOUFFLE FACE SCRUB (50ml)

pump out an amount of the mousse to ur DRY hand palm, AND apply it directly to ur dry face, WITH A CIRCULAR MOTION for  60 second, u can see ur dead skin cell coming out after u use this :) then wash ur face with clean water:) Avoid ur eyes area..

THIS face scrub is super gentle to ur skin, it is a mousse type... AND it doesn’t have the beads that will harm ur face, but u never use this everyday, u can use this twice a week :) It also have a light smell , but for overall i think this would be a good stuff to use just for fun week, treatment for urself:)

second step: Cleanse ur face with Strawberry yogurt amino acid cleanser (30ml)

Take some product and add some water and create a leather of foam AND make sure u have a damp skin before u apple the foam to ur face .. and DO circular motion and not to the eyes:) 

LAST STEP : chocolate truffle mask, earl grey tea and macaron mask 

20 minute relaxing :) 
THEN u are READY to LAY DOWN on ur bed with ur music on or ur tv on .... RELAX with UR CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE MASK or EARL GREY TEA AND MACARON MASK .. 

DON’t waste the essence inside the mask , u can apply them to ur hand or leg :) 

I recommend u guys to buy the trial or the mini set like this . JUST for a fun weekend treatment.. not for long term use( cleanser and the face scrub ) 

THIS SET WOULD BE around  RM 38 .... u can share this with ur mom or siblings or BFF :) 

OVERALL for this product: