Thinking of getting some art on ur body ? how about go for natural way to get a pretty temporary tattoos ? I mean natural, painless and non-permanent.. 

I was very excited to get it done for the first time, and i pick something simple and pretty.. The lady that help me to draw it on my hand, i would call her EXPERT :) 

CAN U NOTICE in the middle its a OM symbol... 

Om Symbol - ॐ

What was precise meaning of the word 'Om' is not known, It is certainly related to the God/Heaven.

I also ask her to draw henna on my foot..

Love Henna temporary tatto, because it is natural painless and pretty :) 

u can always do it yourself , just purchase HENNA PASTE ... its only about RM10 .. u can go to any indian shop:) 

some of the henna design : 

Try it and u never regret ... btw, do u have any tattoo ? do u still love it ?  have a nice day guys :)