How i deal with my mustache ??

Hi GUys ....

So today i wanna talk about something, something about my FACIAL hair , i mean i just can’t stop my body to grow hair, so i need to clean it out...I don’t like it on my face , more specifically it grown on the suface of my upper lip.

So ya, thanks to tweezer and waxing :) BTW, i don’t shave :)

If u have the same problem like mine, be sure to try out my ways..
secret weapon :


1. wash ur face :) 
2. use a clean towel to dry ur face 
3. take the mini waxing and stick in on between upper lips and ur nose , then warm it up using finger, pull it upwards using fast sped... 

THEN u might scream, (just kidding) 

Do it again using the same wax strip until the hair is completely gone, then do the other side:) if u feel sticky on ur face, use baby oil or any facial oil to clean it :)

IF there is tiny hair, u can use tweezer to pull it out :)  

Now u can show off ur face :) clean face :) 
i will do a video while I’m waxing :) see u guys soon :) 
Thank you for stopping by :)