who says sleeping beauty will only be in the fairy tales ??

I realized that i can be a sleeping beauty with my BIO-essences hydra spa energy nourishing SLEEPING MASK:) I got this sleeping mask while they are having promotion :) I give it a try when the first day i bought it , and then i use it again and again :) FIRST i was hesitate to give it a try because of the brand, but then my boyfriend said that i should try cz the promoter are trying so hard to promote it to me. BUT NOW I CAN TELL EVERYONE THAT I LOVE IT !!!

1 . It HYDRATE my skin , cz i usually in room with air-conditioned. I feel great after i wake up and wash off my face :)

2.BRIGHTEN up my skin, anyone with redness might cause by pimple try to use this u might get unexpected result the next morning:)

3. The price is very reasonable and i think it is CHEAPER in skincare range :)

HOW TO use it ?

AFTER CLEASING ----> TONER(optional)----> EYE CARE and/or ESSENCE( recommended)----> ANY TREATMENT CREAM---->MOISTURIZER( MUST ) ----> BIO-essences SLEEPING MASK

TRY TO USE SPATULA, or cotton bud to take the product out from the packaging, and never use ur finger :) 

TEXTURE of the product would be like GEL type, cooling...

JUST straight to ur bed and take ur beauty sleep and let the sleeping mask take the work :)