Line ur eyes - natural

I love my eyes !

Eyes is something special, thats represent a person. 

So i think why don’t  we frame it, and let it shine :) 

So take an eyeliner, Buy an eyeliner, it could be Rm 5 to Rm100 depends on ur budget :) 

U want to make ur eyes pop out, u want ppl to notice ur shining eyes. 

So u draw with ur LIQUID LINER or pencil eyeliner.. 

U can choose from natural look to dramatic look . 


Take a eyeliner( pencil) , prepare a cotton bud or a liner brush/ any brush thats is synthetic, pack, short, not hard. 

FIRST ---> follow ur eyes shapes and draw thin line to top lashes and try to draw as close as to ur lashes, then smudge it to create a soft look and not a harsh liner :) 

Second--> don’t forget to draw on ur lower lash line, lightly thin line then take the cotton bud and smudge it :) 

Then u can apply some light eyeshadow and mascara :) 

CHOICe of color liner: 
U can choose something not a darker color for natural look, brown to black :) 

So how bout draw eyeliner tomorrow :) enjoy trying a natural look with your liner :)