My birthday gift

kiss for EUGENE... she is one of my best best friend:)

thank you !!!!

I wanted to share one of my favorite gift and i got this yesterday, can’t wait to share with u guys !!

I love make up, and i think I’m addicted to make up so bear with me :)

EXCITED, not going to talk too much how and when and so on ... just straight to my honey !!


lets get naked now, its hot out there ><

NAKED PALETTE contains 12 different colors, from matte, shimmery, satin, sparkles.. so in the palette u can created a day look and of course night look:)

besides that, u going to get a "primer potion”, this is a small size eye primer and a shadow karma brush.

Why is it so important to use eye primer? use it for long lasting wearing make up, make ur eyeshadow color pop out, and it didn’t crease :) 
 Here some picture of it :)

 The exterior is velvety brown chocolate, look very sleek and sophisticated.
 pigmented color, soft texture, not powdery, easy to apply and blending:)

virgin, sin, naked, sidecar, buck, half baked

smog, darkhorse, toasted, hustle, creep, gunmetal

Get it now at sephora :)
I’ll post make up look using this palette soon :) enjoy , thank you for stopping by :) love u guys !