my feet new boyfriend...

I think I’m a bit weird cz Once i fall in love with a pair of sandals/ heels/ shoes/ flipflop, i never want to let them go.  I wear wedge flip flop them every single day ! Unless i go for some party thats required me to have another pair of heels. My feet’s  lovers just broke that day, and i was so sad to get a new one, so today luckily my feet found a new lover, so i decided to buy it. It was a bit pricy, but i need a new pair of wedge flip flop !!

By the way, i don't like flat flip flop and i only wear it maybe when my wedge flip flop are not around me :) 

Aldo Cintra-83

If u see me around, u might see it too :)

Do u have any favorite sandals/ shoes/ flip flops? Have u ever think of buying more than two pairs of the same design same shoes ?