Strawberry blackhead bye bye

I love sunday,

Cleaning day, I’m cleaning my room, laundry, cleaning my face...

STRAWBERRY - blackhead bye bye set

U can get this from Watson :)

If u purchase this product in a box u will get
3 items

1. deep sebum softener
2.sebum purifying mask
3. pore treatment essence

FIRST- take the step 1- sebum softener
after cleansing ur face 
apply 2-3 drops to blackhead area
rinse with water, and keep it wet 
applying the softener 
 Step 2- purifying mask 
keep ur blackheads area wet, 
apply the mask covering all area

Wait for it to dry- 15- 20 minutes
Dry texture will be able to peel them off 

can’t wait to see all of the “eww” sticking on the mask

Step 3- essence
after clean the mask off 
applied this essence to the area that u put the mask on

my nose my life.. hehe .. love ur nose :) 
Enjoy Your sunday at home with ur lovely family or roommate :) Love u guys !! thanks for stopping by :) God bless you!!