Yellowish teeth, big NO NO ....

Do you want to have A Million dollar smile ?

Why is it clean and white teeth is so important ? 
To give a good impression , when we first meet a new friend, i think i will give a big smile :) What they expected from my teeth , of course clean and white right.. So it is important to take good care of our teeth.

Besides that, teeth care is part of our hygiene routine:) Remember to go dentist at least once per six month. 

START now, its never too late :) 

Clean white teeth vs yellow teeth which one do u prefer? 
We never look attractive will yellowish teeth, bad breath is what people come in mind , once they see your teeth. 

HOW to achieve clean and white teeth ? 

1. BRUSH your teeth everyday, twice a day is highly recommended!!  

No more coffee and Smoking obviously. 

Do you know that flossing out teeth is very important? 

How to correctly brush your teeth? 
First , prepare a tooth brush and toothpaste , i prefer Amway brand. 

You are going to start from the back of ur tooth, brush them each for 10 second and move to the next one. 
You need  hold ur brush vertically then you start from the top of the a tooth then you are going to brush it up and down. 

watch the video :

How to floss ? 

First you are going to buy a floss at any watson or guardian.  

Then watch the video and learn :) 

Option for whitening treatment to have a million dollar smile..

Treatment for whitening teeth : 

You can choose from whitening strip, whitening pen, or even go to dentist office and ask for whitening teeth procedure. But you can buy whitening teeth system which is super easy and save ur money:) 

Recommendation whitening treatment :