Make up Deal

Hello ladies....

This is an exciting News i wanna share with u guys ...

There is a website called REEBONZ <-- click this 

Its a website where u can find all high end brand with discount, All are crazy deals if you are looking for branded bag, watch, shoes, kids, mens, womens..

ALL u need to do to be able to get the discount is just sign up to be a member, and its free...

To set up a member, u need to have a email address

the link ---->

You will see a picture down below:
FILL up the email and put ur password and u will receive an email to verified your email.

Then you be able to see all the deals.

So today they are running a sales for make up brand “POP BEAUTY” 

LADIES that are looking for eye make up palette, definitely need to buy this because this is a crazy deal. 

with only Rm 41 u can get a make up palette that u can carry it everywhere. 

My pick would be : 
RM 96
two lipstick and a cheeks stain
lip balm and Blusher 

Three eye shadow color, super easy to use three of theses shade 

HAPPY buying :) and let me know what u going to get .
Are you looking for any certain brand of make up ? what it would be ?