A must have - Foldable flat

I love heels, but in the same time i don't  like when i wore it for sometimes, it started to give me unpleasant feeling... my feet tired, pain.. i can’t stand it anymore.

So when i found FOLDING BALLERINA,  i really realize that i need to get it right now, right away.. I know it had been in the market for certain time, but i don’t know why i didn’t get it.

There is bunch of different company selling it. It really look like ballet shoes, it can be fold and you can put it in your purse.

There is a lot of style too, different material, with different range of price.

I bought PARTY FEET from SCHOLL, and It cost me only Rm28, the price is reasonably cheap.

It is like an angel making my feet felt alive again. It is Stretchable, and it fit my feet perfectly, and i will never worry about pain feet walking in the mall or after a long day with my sexy shoes.
The design is simple yet cute with a bow. Black colour comes along with every outfit.

This is a must for your bad if your are a HEELS person or just in case you broke your shoes...