Organize your life-labeling

Hi guys, i’ve been super busy with my study and i really love my new law lecturer, she is amazing! She really know how to teach and i absorbed all the knowledge she is giving in the class.

After a busy week for me, i realize that i need to be more organize so that life is easy for me, I mean we need to start organize our stuff, so that we won’t spend too much time on something that is wasting our time.

So basically I’m not teaching you guys how to organized but I’m giving you guys my one of my tips to organized my stuff.


You only need two main ingredient, that is :

A permanent maker
i love sharpie... 

Scotch magic tape

Easy step :

Take 4cm to 5 cm of scotch tape , depends..

stick it to the stuff that u need to label.


Why i choose scotch magic tape? 
Because the tape is so easy t stick on and easy to peel off, and u can write anything on top of the tape:)

easy to take off..

 Why is it important to label your stuff ?
Easy to find out the detail of the stuff.

For makeup, u need to label them, because makeup will expired.

lipgloss or lip balm or mascara maybe last for 3 months, others maybe up to 12 months. Remember dolls, treat our skin the best that we could, don’t use any product that is expired:)

So did you guys organize your stuff ? how did u maintain it ?