what is My favorite eye mask for now ?

 “My Scheming Eye Mask”

I love it ! It help me with my puffy eye bag&dark circle, i use it before i sleep and it really do the work, my eyes area would be my first concern.

The eye mask is in transparent silicon pad, and it have liquid product all over it. It is an easy application and it feels refresh after i used it. It feel cool on the skin. It smell pleasantly. I have quite sensitive skin, but it didn't show any redness after i use it, so it might ok for sensitive skin user. (just in case, try it first on ur hand)

I tried this mask few years ago, and i love since the first time.

how to use it:

SImple as ABC

1. cleanse ur face

2.with ur clean hand, tear of the packaging, and take the eye mask and place it to ur eye bag.

3. wait for 10 minutes

4. take it off, and apple ur eye serum / eye moisturizer.

DON’T forget to drink more water, get enough sleep, do some workout and BE HAPPY for best result. 
i have a bad skin whole week, not having a good sleep. with the help of scheming eye mask i hope it make me better. I use it after i wake up. 

i look better after i used it. A kiss for scheming eye mask

 I’ve been struggling with pack schedule and lots of thing to be done, so it stress my skin and my eye shows everything. But after i use it, i feel more refreshed and my eyes look brighter. I will keep using this as my emergency eye brightening tools, so that when i’m having a bad skin day at least there is a secret weapon to help with. 

Recommended to everyone that is looking for something cheap and definitely will show result after you use it.

What is ur favorite eye mask ? have u tried this before ?

Lots of love,