All about books

I love books, and i thought that i write a post about the books of my PICK..
so you guys can go to book fair and get it at the cheapest price ever.

GORGEOUS picks:( sorry for the picture, i dun have a proper camera.. )

the purpose of christmas 

an hour to live, an hour to love

how to save your own life (inspiring lessons)

the secret of the secret

notes from the universe

rich brother rich sister

fish tales

for one more day

the power, i bought this for my mom

The gift

you being beautiful

i bough lots of books from the book fair  but i only pick some of them , so happy shopping everyone :) i hope i have more time read them all :)

TIPS: before going to book fair, please bring something to help you carry your purchase ( luggage or anything that not required you to carry with ur hand)