I can’t live without cotton pad and cotton bud

YES, my day definitely will not be perfect without cotton pad and cotton bud. HOW ABOUT YOU ?

If I’m running out of my essential(cotton pad and bud), like something missing and i can’t proceed with my lovely day.

So i usually buy lots of them and stock them whenever their is a deal for me :)

So today i went to WATSON and i looked for cotton pad and there is a good deal for me, RM 10 for 3 pack / total of 720 pieces .

tips: IF you are going to use cotton pad for removing your nail polishes, u can cut them to four small pieces and use them wisely. 

if you are going to use for toner u can separate your cotton pad to two pieces and use it for two times application.

FOR cotton bud, i love two kinds of different type of cotton bud, one is both side with the same size and the other one with pointy side and a rounded side.

 tips: if u having a open cap product like your moisturizer, NEVER USE FINGER TO GET THE PRODUCT because your ending letting bacteria in your product use a cotton bud to take it out from the packaging or u are going to get a small spatula. 

come so handy and helpful for make up session:) 

So tell me something turn your day upside down ? is it something weird ? share it with me :)