Maybelline- Clear smooth all in one

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying Maybelline powder for at least 3 weeks and i was really happy with it because it was cheap and it really works.
How cheap it is ?
RM19.80 and you can use it more than a month.

how is it look like ?
pink plastic packaging 

with mirror and a sponge 

 HOw much coverage?
i would say, medium coverage, if u want it to stay whole day, use a primer and a sunscreen protector and then apply it with the pad.

If u are having your bb cream / tinted moisturizer , use a brush to slightly brush it to ur face. To just set the product on your face.

left side with powder , right side with our powder.
I’m using 03 natural  

Does it have smell ?
yes, lightly.

Does it with SPF ?
yes, spf 25 PA++

can be reapplied throughout the day.
Tends to control shine.

All day shine control, uv protection, fairer skin, conceals, long wear, smoothes, evens, non comedogenic, gentle on skin

I would RANK it - overall A+ (for oily skin) 
                                             C (for normal to dry skin) not recommend

 I always try a new product, and if it is good and i will definitely write about it, so if u are looking for a powder definitely check this out. 

If you have dry skin, this product will dry out your skin . But you can still try it, because it is cheap and you can use as a set up powder not directly use it as your foundation :) 

Be inspired 
love jenn