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My cute Hong Leong debit card

Thursday, October 20, 2011
Hi doll, u need to go and apply for this card if you love PINK, HELLO KITTY, and you want to win prize.


Do u notice the card the picture above, doesn’t it cute ?
By the way, you can get it in 15 minutes when u go to any branch of Hong Leong Bank

ALL you need to do is: 

prepare your IC
RM200 ( minimum deposit ) 

and u are going to be 18 and above , if you are not, then you need to bring your parent with you. 

Beside getting a cute card, you might lucky enough to get weekly prize and whenever saving more than Rm3000 to 6000 , you can get a freebie.

But Rm3000 and Rm4000 only applicable for Junior saving account

Don’t wait, go to your nearest hong leong bank :)

Happy saving and shopping DOLL
love Jenn