My Happiest Moment

I’m so grateful that I’m surrounded by a lot of amazing people in my life. And before i start to write a blogpost about my happiest moment, suddenly i can’t write anything because it is too much to write about and i want to talk about every single person and the moment that is truly making me feel love and happy.

So today i wanna share my happiest moment is that i met this wonderful and amazing person that is always beside me whenever i need him and he is just being there for me although I’m such a difficult person to dealt with. I’m so blessed to have the chance to know more and just to enjoy my life with him. And i learned a lot from him, every single day is so pack with love and i am really happy although we are in a different city and it is going to be 2 1/2 hour to reach to his place with airplane. 

And every time we spend time together, i felt so relaxing and i can be myself . He tell me everyday that he love me and how wonderful i am.  Sometime I’m in a bad mood or in any bad situation, he is going to stand stronger than anybody else just to listen to me until I’m feeling good. 

I want to Thank you to such an amazing boyfriend that he is not just an amazing boyfriend to me, he is also an amazing friend that you might want to discover him and he is an amazing child of his family. With his love and caring, he never let you down. 




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