Weekend task- Elbow MASK

So you probably having your face mask every single week, but beside that DO YOU KNOW YOU ARE FORGETTING THE REST OF YOUR BODY ?

I’m planning to get mask for some parts of my body too. If u are looking for getting spa at your own comforting bed room, then this is my suggestion:

Do it at night(preferable) / at any time

Things you need to prepare:
1. body SCRUB
2. sweet shower gel / daily shower gel
3. face mask (any kind)
4.  Elbow mask

Having dry elbow quite embarrassing.
If you don’t take care of your elbow, you might getting discoloration and dry elbow, because it tends to dry easily because of the skin with thicker texture easily dry. So with the help of elbow mask, you will getting a brighter and smooth skin.

Where to get elbow / feet / hand mask?
go to your nearest beauty store.

My recommendation would be ETUDE HOUSE.

elbow mask

 After shower and scrub...

 1. take the product from STEP 1 and directly apply to your elbow


2. take Step 2, and take the elbow mask and attach to your elbow.


love jenn