Yeah!! I won freebies

Hello everyone ! I’m so happy because i won a freebies, i won a freebies ... yup I’m going to repeat it again and again ! so whats the big deal?

Did i win something big ???
NO,I won a BROS bottle “mirror mirror”. SO ??

Ok , i know its only a bottle but i mean i was so happy because i can win it just because I’m LUCKY :)

Its a Cleo freebies contest and I’m one of the lucky one :) Before this, actually i’ve been winning two times but i didn’t manage to collect my prize. I won a TRIUMPH goodies, and a set of VICHY product, but that time I was at sabah so i can’t collect them but i'm still happy to know that i won!

So finally, i used my google map and i drove my car , and i collect my prize. yahoo... I was so excited to go to the ACP magazines office and i sat there for more than 15 minutes to wait for someone to bring the freebies for me, and she checked my IC and then signed a paper, while I’m waiting, i was visualizing someday i want to owned a magazine company, and i will design my office with lots of fun things, such as you are walking inside a magazine where there is a place with all goodies and clothes and lots of thing ! I was so happy to be there just because of my freebies.

I wanted to take picture in the office but I’m scared I’m not allowed to do so. So now i can’t wait to write this blogpost and share with you guys my day winning freebies and hope i can send out happy story for you guys and make you guys feel happy and eventually more good things come around us :)

Love Jenn