Maybelline hyper sharp liner

One of my favorite make up would be eyeliner, eyeliner instantly makes your eyes look bigger and brighter eyes without any surgery needed, u can work it out with eyeliner:)

I have tried a lot of different eyeliner, but recently i stick with one eyeliner, it is a liquid liner and it looks like a pen.

With the hypersharp pointy tip, you can control it while you are drawing your masterpiece.

With the price, you can definitely afford it because it is only RM23.90, and it can last more than a month.

With convenient WATSON, GUARDIAN or any other beauty store, you can always get them whenever you want.

With the pigmented black liner, you definitely going crazy with it:)

So I’m truly in love with it and i want you guys out there, looking for eyeliner should check them out.

BE inspired 
Love jenn