Starbucks 2012 planner

Hello gorgeous,

I was looking at my starbucks 2011 planner and I was almost at the end of the monthly planner's page :) suddenly I was wondering what would be the next 2012 planner and I can't wait to have one :) so I called mid valley Starbucks and ask about it , she told me that the stock arrived.

How to get it ?
Two ways:

Pay Rm88


Get starbucks card at Rm20 , with Rm20 credit inside for you to purchase anything from Starbucks .

purchase 15 handcrafted beverage ONLY with the Starbucks card

What you can do with the card ?

You can top up the card to purchase and get rewards. Top up would be from Rm10,Rm20... And so on..

A complimentary handcrafted beverage of your choice when you purchased :
Any 10 handcrafted beverages, Any tumbler, or any whole cake.

Complimentary 250g whole bean coffee or a 12-pack VIA ready brew when:
You've purchased 8packets of 250g or 12- pack VIA Ready brew

Remember to register your card

To get a complimentary grande handcrafted beverage of your choice and a slice of cake : if you purchase handcrafted beverage ON YOUR BdAY MONTH

You can choose from three different design card... I got two , one is for my boyfriend.

Enjoy your drinks while you can get rewards :)