Favourite moisturiser( christmas stocking stuffer)

This is like my first time going back to watson and purchase a second bottle of moisturiser.

I really love my moisturiser and I compared with every moisturiser that I tried before and it is really suitable for me and it make my dry skin feel soft and look fresh :)

I use this for about three months from now. And it is the only moisturiser that will last so long and I go and buy another one to replace it.

How I met this randomly moisturizer?
I got this because they are having promotion sale in mid valley and then I wanted to buy sleeping mask.

Actually I'm only buying the sleeping mask but then the promoter asking me if I want to try their moisturizer, then I pick Tri-action aqua boost and it said it will help my dry skin.

I always believe that with a high end brand skin care product will be like the best and I never really have interest on any of normal brand skin care product .

But now I can prove myself wrong because I am using normal brand and the price is below Rm100.

After the first week I use it, I felt amazing soft skin laying on my face.

I usually put a lot of moisturiser before I sleep because I sleep with air conditioning and definitely harming my skin.

It does have good scent, when you apply it on your face it absorb Really fast and you will get the refreshing feeling ;)

Contain :
Hyaluronic acid + olive oil+ cranberry oil + ginseng + thanakha extract

Log on to www.bio-essence.net for more info .

I forget how much was it but definitely under Rm50.

Use it twice a day after cleansing

Super recommended for everyone with dry and normal skin.

rank: A+

This can be one of Christmas stocking stuffer gift idea, it is affordable and great product for friends and family even yourself :)

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love jenn