Gorgeous flat iron& hair dryer

Hi everyone, today I rest for a while to write a quick post with my iPad(I'm still learning to blogging with this lovely) . I'm in the middle of studying for my upcoming exam next week :) please pray for me:)

I receive my parcel couple days ago, and I love the flat iron and the hair dryer. I bet you guys love it too because it is in pink white leopard print :)

It is so adorable and I can't wait to use it after I unwrap all the packaging. I did aware of its voltage and how it was going to work here in Malaysia because it is from USA .

So I was really stupid not to read the voltage and the direction and I straightly plug it and turn it on and I saw sparkle ! And it died:( I was so sad and I contact the company and they said the hair dryer cannot be used in Malaysia. But I was not giving up with it , I'm going to find a converter that suit for it ! Soon when I finish my exam.

But the Flat iron is with a dual voltage and it can be use in Malaysia with an international adapter.

So I tried it and it doesn't seem really make me happy . But maybe I don't really know how to work with it but will let you guys know it soon :) with hair tutorial if it works :)

And if you are wondering how I get it , I bought this through eBay :) trust me it is cheap and it come with risk as well but I wanted it so badly :)

Here are some picture :

Be inspired 
love jenn