Holiday Glittery nail .. (Christmas fashion)

Hi guys, today I went to a nail spa saloon and I absolutely into holiday mood because I'm getting my nails done. And I painted glittery nail colour in purple and I adore it :)

December is the month where you going to make yourself feel the best of yourself and look back of what you''ve done so far and enjoy the last month of 2011. I bet you work really hard for 2011 and it's time to make yourself enjoy all your hard work :)

You can make yourself into a mood of shining throughout the month. Make yourself feel like a superstar.

I went to pamper floor to get my fabulous nails done. It is so quiet and relaxing, because they will Be no one walking around the entire floor. So it is a great place to get your nails done. They are great manicurist as well :)

Soak off colour GEL NAIL manicure. And pedicure:)

What I love about soak off colour gel it won't chip and it stay like that such a long time :)

Maybe you are boring with your nail colour you can always cover it up with one or two layer of nail polish and you can wipe it off with nail remover and your nail will still having the gel polish on it :)

How to remove it?

You can do it your own but it takes me forever / you can go back to the manicurist and ask to remove it (for my manicurist it's free )

Talking about nails, I got my parcel yesterday and I'm going to write about nail soon , stay tuned and thank you for stopping by and having fun with my blog .